November 28, 2001 5:54 PM

School was numbing. Moving on...

My throat is raw from attempts to sing my song I wrote. Strange that I concieved something that is so difficult for myself to even sing. I suppose I could pull it off in a lower key, but the strained pitch of my own voice sort of adds to the composition. But of course that is subjective. It probably sounds terrible.

I am currently indulging into Red House Painters, the New Pornographers, and the Innocence Mission, though the latter two I love more.

And the responses:

Whaaa? Odd conclusions you draw, Kate.

That is beautiful yet intensely sad, Kristina. Wow. Both you and Kate are amazing.

Also, later, I watched this documentary on the Seattle grunge scene, of course including Nirvana and the exploitation of grunge. It was alright, nothing I hadn't heard before, but it had some interesting interviews and videos.