November 27, 2001 7:50 PM

Again, in its typical fashion, school was dull. My most interesting moments at school occur at a picnic table where me and a few other friends discuss subjects of the intellectual and societally-applicable kind. Aside from that, it is uneventful.

The only remotely productive thing I accomplished today was writing a reponse to a friend's argument written about how the idea of "God" was inherently evil. Quite frankly, I smashed up his premises. Of course, there's always the counter-argument in return.

I've basically written another song, along with lyrics. This brings the total to three, but, truthfully, I only like this one. My other two are lyricless, and seem sort of bland since I wasn't inspired as the first one was; I randomly and arbitrarily made them. We'll see.

And Kate, about your situation- I hope for the least painful conclusion to it.

EDITOR'S ANNOTATION [6/1/2003]: Boy, do I sound weird. I think I used to edit these 14 times before posting them. Now, I only do it 6.