November 29, 2001 3:56 PM

After school, as I approached the bus stop, some dimwitted middle-schooler made a comment of how my "gay friend had left already", referring to Jake, the only kid I talk to at school. I angrily glanced at him for a brief moment, saying nothing. As I played out violent schemes in reaction to him in my mind, I realized what he had said had carried much more meaning to me than he had intended. The untrue implication that my friend was gay hadn't bothered me- it was the context. He had crafted an insult out of something that was not, and there was no response that would do justice to my enragement. He and what he had said became a collective representation of utter ignorance and stupidity, both of which I cannot stand. His below-retarded intelligence would not understand anything less than a violent outburst. But I did not strike out. "Gay friend." Idiot.