November 29, 2001 9:53 PM

I should be doing my research right now, but I'm not.

I was perusing online and came upon the (International) Noise Conspiracy's tour dates. I saw that they weren't coming here, in expected dissapointment. I saw there were numerous dates in California, and began to consider flying there just so I can see them. It's feasible, but unlikely, but I'm a optimist in this situation. I figure I can fly there that day, somehow get to the general area, wander until it starts, experience, then fly back. Sort of like a overseas bus ride. Well, not really. I'm into them enough to do this. Let's consider the upsides- 1) they're the best thing next to the Refused, with comparable energy and presence, 2) are Swedish, 3) are political, 4) have Dennis Lyxzen as their vocalist, and 5) play 60's garage rock. Downfalls? None whatsoever.

Actually, I just realized their last show is December 7 or so. Fuck.

Your welcome, Kristina.

I probably should start my work.