December 1, 2001 5:14 PM

Today I went around downtown with a friend. We stopped first at the computer store so he could pick up a few things, having fun with some of the video cameras with an insane zoom. I tried to make out a few numbers on the screens of the cashiers' monitors, but it was too blurry. After that, we grabbed lunch and headed down to a music (instrument) store. I tried out a Fender Precision bass, which sounded great, but with a price tag of $1249.99, it better. I also messed around on this nice electronic keyboard, which had this wonderful Doors-esque organ sound which made me fall in love with it. It was very fancy, with some strange ununderstandable controls, costing an arm, leg, and shoulder, but it was a convincing item still. We made our last stop at the same music store that I went to yesterday, and picked up 5 CDs, all at the same 95-cent price. They were:

Cool For August, Grand World

Colorsound, You 're Only As Good As Your Sound

Shades Apart, Eye Witness

Chalk Farm, Notwithstanding &

Bluetile Lounge, Half Out

I listened to half of the Cool For August album already; didn't really appeal to me. It's a bit too much of that radio-rock sound (i.e. Creed), but I'll listen to it again and see. Currently I'm listening to the first song on the Colorsound album, which is this pretty, soft music with occasional vocals in between long instrumental portions. This album is potentionally good.

I'm going to a show tonight. Details later.