December 1, 2001 10:55 PM

The show was sort of annoying to get to. There was major traffic in the middle of downtown, so I ended up walking a half mile or so to the bus stop where I needed to transfer onto another bus. Turns out, the traffic was caused by a Christmas parade. It's only the first day of December, for God's sake. Save it for later. Anyway, I finally reached the bus stop I needed to be at, and got to the show a little late. The band playing was A.D.D., a pretty trite rock band with mostly old (i.e. 40-45) rock star wannabes. Pretty terrible, if you ask me.

Following them were Pimpbot, which was, as they called themselves, "ghetto robotic ska", which basically encapsulates it. They have spots of rap in the vocals, but it's primarily this odd dark-sounding ska, with an organ and a trombone. It was pretty good, since I hadn't listened to ska in a while. Ska is one of those things that needs to be done in moderation to remain fun.

The last act of the evening was called Travel Light. Imagine a mediocre, less innovative version of Rage Against The Machine, with a dash more heaviness, and you'll have a rough approximation of what they sound like. They even covered "Wake Up" by the mentioned, but failed to comment that it was a cover. That sort of bothered me, seeing that most of the audience wouldn't recognize that fact. It was nearly as bad as plaguarizing the song. Anyway, they were decent, though unoriginal.

After that show, I was inspired. I want to start a funk band. Yes, it's not a new idea for me, but the thought reoccurred stronger tonight. It got me thinking that I need some sort of pleasurable, fun escape musically, rather than being serious all the time. Now it only leaves me with the problem of finding others who share my same vision.

Anyway, I'm tired.