December 9, 2001 11:30 PM

Damn it. I just spent a half hour writing an entry here, and I submitted it, only to find that it doesn't exist for some God-forsaken reason. Here we go again.

In brief summary, I didn't go bowling, but I did go to the show. Prom King was opening when I got there, who are a relatively good pop-punk band, in comparison with the rest of those in their genre. It's not my cup of tea, so I can't really say very much. Following them was the headlining act, Man...Or Astroman?, who were visiting from Winsconsin. They were this sort of spacey, noise instrumental band, who were pretty eclectic in my opinion. They had hilarious stage personas, donning jumpsuits and oversized glasses, and used a lot of strange samples and electronica effects. In one of their songs they even used that Macintosh computer-talking program for vocals, which, needless to say, was pretty interesting.

Going back in time- I saw Spy Game yesterday night. It was alright, half-decent for an action-suspense sort of film, but if I could I'd take my money back.

During the course of the day and the show, I came up with these unassociated ideas and conclusions:

1. I need earplugs. It's too loud at the shows.

2. Cigarette smoke and loud music causes headaches.

3. I have some difficulty finding good clothes. I've decided to just buy blank monocolor shirts.

4. I need many, many, guitar strings.

5. I'm a bad guitarist.

Also, after the show, I took an inspiration I had earlier and put it into action. I took some photos of it, and you will see the results as soon as I develop the film.

There's also rumors going around that the Strokes may come here. That would be amazingly great if that did happen, but I'm trying not to expect it too much.

I think I wrote the jest of what I originally said. That is all.