December 11, 2001 6:14 PM

I'll just ignore this, religion. It's incomprehensible. Even if I were to educate myself on both sides, theistic and atheistic, they are both biased and would both present valid logic. I've come to the conclusion that this is something which is a sort of logical anomaly, something which cannot be resolved. If that were so and so obvious, we would all believe or not believe. Everything of humans, humanity, and their determinations are all relative and subjective, making the existence of any kind of common logical grounds an impossibility. All human assumptions and conclusions need to be disregarded for us to actually find anything, and that is an unattainable state.

It was naive and stupid of me to somehow expect a neat, finished conclusion to the most profound contraversy of humanity, which I do think I was anticipating. I won't expect it anymore. Even better, I will ignore it.