December 20, 2001 5:31 PM

Today I spent my day with my aunt, uncle, and 10-year-old cousin, going to various stores and running errands. Not the most exciting thing, but it was more than I would have probably done alone. I did happen to notice during the drives some nice places to take some photos. I'll probably go there on the bus tomorrow.

I noticed a peculiar CD as I looked through the record store we stopped by; an album, with four glamour shots of boy band-esque members, strangely blared the name "No Authority." What kind of name is that for the manager-founded group whose single purpose is to exploit the prepubescent (but still idiotic) masses? "No Authority." Hah. It's hard to say that when you're the capitalist's prostitute.

Oh yes, and tomorrow there's that show. I must hoard batteries and minidiscs so I can bootleg it.