January 7, 2002 4:38 PM

Somehow I managed to complete my research paper. It's of the utmost worst quality I can imagine, but it's something at least. Turns out my teacher didn't have time review mine, as she is doing so on an individual basis, so it may be possible to revise it again. Although, of course, you must remember that I'm saying this, not some diligent hard-working student, thus the chances of this actually occurring are quite, quite slim.

I finally sold my miserable Intel digital camera on Ebay for $48.77, roughly a third of the price I paid for it a year ago. It's fine with me- better that I am able to get some cash for it rather than none at all, and let it collect dust.

I'm slowly becoming inspired to write. Unfortunately, my server isn't cooperating, so posting anything on there is out of the question at the moment. You'll just have to wait.