January 12, 2002 9:25 AM

I ended up going to that garage show last night, which took us a good half hour just to locate. When me and my friend arrived, a half hour late of course, we were the only two there. Candles were lit around, and benches were set up. Slowly, people started streaming in, until the crowd was quite large. I hadn't seen any of them at shows at the normal venues, and I would soon learn why. The Pocketlights were the opening act, who were two girls on keyboards. Their sort of music was pretty indescribable, with electronica as the primary element, and them singing over it in harmonies. It had a certain light effervescence to it that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Following them were Persephone Myth, who I had see before, but this time they played all acoustic, sounding much better than their previous performance. Then Ivan Klipstein did a great set, which was even more electic than the last time since I knew all his songs. Fourth came Linus, another new act to me, and could basically be summed up in a single word- amazing. The melodies were simply beautiful, and the vocalist had the most soothing voice. He even, on one song, played the harmonica. The final act to play that night was Teradactyl. They had this pretty, dreamy sort of sound, and their female vocalist was just incredibly talented.

The entire show, all 4 and a 1/2 hours of it, was absolutely great, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it was free. Yes, free. Frankly, it left no reason for me to go the shows at the typical venues, and raised my previously low idea of what music our state could produce.