January 12, 2002 11:33 PM

I have too much to say, and not the time to compose it in a cohesive form before I forget them. Expansion on these ideas will be done tomorrow.

The show tonight was comparable to last night.

The feeling which a great show brings is so indescribably exhilirating; it's as if I'm enlightened for that brief time after.

I've experienced this feeling at three shows.

Two of the shows were tonight's and yesterday's.

The streets are beautiful at night.

The sidewalk is my chair.

I feel nice.

Wow, those last three lines could be lyrics.

The Pocketlights, who played an unscheduled and unexpected set tonight, have a beautiful sound, which makes not being attracted to either of the two samely beautiful keyboardists impossible.

This show somehow concieved a rant and a song's melody.

The total for prototype songs which will eventually be developed, assuming I don't overthink or evaluate them in my typical critical manner, is now at 3.

Bronson is bastardized indie rock.

I dislike Three's A Company.

Actually, no I don't. Dislike them, I mean.

Kite Festival are fucking great.

As are Hutchinson.

As are Persephone Myth.

As are the Pocketlights.

Did I mention them already?

This is the greatest weekend ever.