January 13, 2002 11:45 AM

Scouring online, I came up one of the Pocketlites' (yes, I found that it was 'lite', not 'light') keyboardist's online journals, and downloaded a few songs from each of the bands she mentioned. Masters of the Hemisphere, Cat's Miaow, Mates of State, and a few I had heard from others, such a Clinic and Dressy Bessy, are all great. She has an impeccable taste. It's people like this who make me feel so very inferior and ill-educated in music.

Oh yes, let me describe the bands for you. Masters of the Hemisphere are some kind of indie pop; Cat's Miaow reminds me of Belle & Sebastian, and Mates of State, who I've only heard one song, just are eclectic very beautiful pop. Clinic is vaguely Beatles indie unidentifiable music, and Dressy Bessy are indie pop. Indie is definitely the definitive genre, because - well, it's ambiguous.