January 19, 2002 8:41 PM

Today's social commentary:

Why in God's holy name is B.B. King endorsing Burger King? Does he not make enough money being a blues legend, a music icon? You can't tell me people aren't still buying his albums. I also saw Garth Brooks on a Dr. Pepper commercial, but I don't respect him regardless.

Daria is a great show. It's very odd that it's played on MTV, seeing that Daria is the antithesis to anyone who watches the regular programming.

I still utterly despise MTV. I can't stand watching anything on it without triggering my gag reflex. Fuck all that ballyhoo about MTV "revolutionizing music and popular culture" and whatnot- they're the ones saying it, and all they've done is bastardize music and give the childish, follow-the-leader masses something to suck on.

Secret women's deodorant advertise that its "strong enough for a man, but made for a woman." What are they implying by that? That men reek more? Or women are weaker thus require a weaker product? I'm confused.

Clinic is great. It's a band, by the way.

Our culture is just so immensely repulsive. I still can't believe it. So contrived, so superficial, so...ugh.