January 31, 2002 3:51 PM

Yesterday I forgot to mention this one girl I saw who walked by the bus stop. She was dressed in patterned robes which flowed to the ground, walking briskly with a cloth bag over her shoulder; note that I've never seen anyone around here dressed in that fashion. I also found it vaguely strange that she was of a pale complexion, her face making her seemingly young, yet her height made that refutable. She was pretty, in an unusual sort of way, not that I'm considering to pursue her or something. She just seemed like she would be someone you'd have an engaging conversation with.

Today in American studies we began watching The Patriot, even though we hadn't finished Yellow Submarine. I was enjoying that, too. Don't worry, it all has relevance to the class. Or at least, the teacher says so, thus giving her a reason to show films. Anyway, we were watching the sequence of utter violence when Mr. Gibson is hacking at the British soldier with a hand axe, and some people laugh. Laugh. How can you laugh? Sure, it may be a realtively cliche' epic film, but a scene of a man slaughtering another quite realistically isn't humorous. I'm glad I'm not desensitized like that.

Yes, Kate, I did sort of feel bad about disliking a band who I loved for some time. Who? Green Day. Strangely enough. I can't listen to any of their albums without wincing. My tastes have progressed beyond that, I suppose.

I've found some mad sythesizer programs. Maybe I'll make some dreamy, Sigur Ros-esque compositions with it.