February 3, 2002 9:18 AM

I left yesterday later than I expected for the Refuse & Resist festival; it took me an hour just to get there using the bus system, so I arrived at around 3:00. Initially, I thought it was pathetic. There was maybe at most 10 people there, and the music playing wasn't very good. I also had imagined this huge production, with dozens upon dozens of booths, but it was much smaller than that, though equally as satisfying. Anyway, finding that the DJing which was going on at the time wasn't very stimulating, I walked down to the nearby record store to see what I could find. I found virtually nothing of notable significance, and to think in my mind I had expected more from this store. The best I could dig up was the Doors' Morrison Hotel and Radiohead's Kid A, neither of which I bought. So after picking up an iced coffee at the convenience store, I slowly made my way back up to the festival. More people had arrived since I had left, and I finally met up with my friend. Basically the rest of the evening was spent watching the bands which we had came to enjoy- Kite Festival and Teradactyl. We also had the pleasure of seeing a few new acts, being Postmodern, Pomo Homo, and Impulse 306. I couldn't put my finger on what Postmodern were- possibly some kind of discordant indie. Pomo Homo were some kind of overtly sexual electronica pop, who had their own uniforms. These acts were interesting, to say the least. Impulse 306 were some sort of lo-fi indie rock, and were slightly out of order since this was their very first show, though their lead female vocalist's impressive voice compensated much for that. After all of these bands had finished their set, my friend and I left to catch the bus, which didn't come for a good hour and a half. The entire time was spent discussing subjects of the philosophical nature, like the concepts of fate, love, and religion. I much relish those conversations. I wish I could discuss in such a manner more often, but there really isn't very many people I know with that kind of compacity to comprehend. It sounds conceited, but put it this way- most of the population are "stupid", in the sense that they've been stifled by society; I say that relatively matter-of-factly based on my own observations of people. Thus, I'm "normal".

That was a great day. Very exhilirating. I pranced around in the center of the street on my walk home.