February 10, 2002 8:40 AM

Yesterday, at short notice, I took the bus downtown to see Brotherhood of the Wolf. My friend had told me it started at 7:30; I got there at that time, finding that it actually began at 7:15. After a 15 minute wait in the ticket line, I finally got in. The film itself was good, only then realizing that it was in French and sub-titled. It was an interesting balance between good cinematography, insane fight choreography, and an engaging plotline. There is a monster-esque animal, which initially may seem a bit cheesy, but in its context it was not so absurd.

After the film I attempted to search through the crowd for my friend, to no avail. It was cold, probably around 67, though for some reason it didn't bother me much. I waited at the bus stop for roughly an hour and a half. I had a nice time.

I have several rants. Yes. I do. I've determined that my problem is that I've been creating a standard of length, which undermines my ability to actually produce anything. From now on, a few sentences will suffice.