February 26, 2002 7:54 PM

"The Corporation, a sinister power-hungry organization, seized control of your country and is attempting to liquidate opposition to authority. But now an underground rebel movement has formed, inciting the public to protest in the name of freedom. A State of Emergency has been declared, and now it is time to fight using hand-to-hand combat, over-the-top weapons and anything you can find on the street.

As a Freedom agent you will have a variety of duties to perform, including stealing sensitive items and documents from The Corporation and returning them to freedom agents at the safe house. Be ready to execute assassinations before targets flee to safety or escort freedom agents as they commute through hostile public areas. Rescue captured allies from Corporation death squads and destroy key Corporation sties, stifling and halting their operations. Whether it is Corporation death squads or ruthless gangs, prepare to fight a lot of people at one time."

Sounds like a video game? Well, it is, called State Of Emergency. Digusting, isn't it.