March 17, 2002 8:36 PM

Today I finally went out and saw Amelie, after approximately two months of saying I would. It was incredible. Simply. Incredible. One of the greatest films ever. I'll have to see it again sometime.

I played a few games of Pac-Man while I was waiting for the movie to begin. There was a sticker slapped on the side of the screen that claimed it was "suitable for all ages." I beg to differ. A yellow circle consuming ghostly pixel-flesh could disturb a 5 year old. Ghosts are kindly creatures. What did they ever do to Pac-Man? I think the chase him because they want a hug.

Isocracy will probably changing to I've grown tired of the name. It's too uptight, too serious. Not that it makes any difference, since I hardly put anything up anyway.

Well. I should have memorized my lines for the school play, but I haven't. Am I bad or what.

Simon and Garfunkle own me.