March 20, 2002 6:15 PM

I was supposed to have made up about 6 assignments in various classes, but I didn't. Besides, I don't care much, as long as I pass decently. Which I will.

I ventured, for the second time this week, down to the thrift stores. Nothing at Salvation Army, as usual. I don't think I've ever found anything worth buying there, yet I still go. Then I visited Goodwill and found this great suede jacket. It has a nice lining and is in good shape, only missing a few buttons. Fits quite nicely, too, though it does slightly restrict my movement. It's not like I'll be tackling people or boxing in it, anyway. It gives me a sort of pseudo-mod-or-something-from-the-60's look.

We all need frivolity. Seriousness gets boring. Us girls just want to have fun, and we damn well should.

I want a pretty dress.