March 25, 2002 9:51 PM

I had such high hopes for today. Unfortunately, it dragged like a pants' leg that's too long.

The day began with me dropping by two of the largest thrift stores on the island, only to find it was no better than the ones I typically go to. A real shame.

Following that sad discovery I took the bus down to the contemporary art exhibit. It wasn't that great, not to mention one of the exclusive pieces wasn't there anymore.

Two downfalls in a row was discouraging. I decided to venture down to the library, then rationalized that the bookstore would be more enjoyable, since it had magazines and music. It indeed was, and I spent an hour or so reading and listening. I've determined that Q is the greatest music magazine. And of course, as all other great things, it comes from England. I ought to subscribe to it.

I passed by the restaurant that I thought housed a Pac-Man machine. Seems that they've removed it- or at least from what I could determine my hesistant glance inside. I was saddened immensely.

After some pointless wandering, I ended up taking a few shots when the sun began to set. It was beautiful, and I can only hope my photos are the same.

Finally, I went to see the film which I had wasted my time waiting for, Khandahar. And guess what? It was a disappointment. I thought it would lift me out of the doldrums; it did not. It dragged out, uneventful and rather bland acting. Maybe it was just in that moment, maybe it was because I had such high expectations at the point- maybe it was a lot of things. But I didn't think much of it.

Anyway, my day was as stimulating as rubbing your face on carpet- though that might be more exciting, and you don't lose money doing that as I did. I hope tomorrow's better.