April 14, 2002 9:56 PM

Today I worked for about 4 hours helping a friend move some trash from a storage locker. In the process, I was deeply disgusted by the dump in which we had to take it to. There was a cow carcass lying there, plastic bags and paper everywhere- it was incredibly repulsive. It makes me want to become an environmentalist, or just blow up the world to save evolution some time. I got $40 dollars out of it.

So I've been working on our demo for Life In The Iron Lung. We've got two songs down, one a cover of Jonah's One Line Drawing - which I found out was actually a cover of a 7 Seconds song - and his song, Do You Know What It's Like To Have Something You Can Never Have. Yes, long title. We still have to record mine. 30 copies are to be made.

I'm listening to Pinback, and I'm discouraged because this is so good, and my songs aren't. They're coming here. I can't believe I hadn't noticed them before...