May 31, 2002 11:25 PM

So as you may have been able to gather in the last entry, we played our first show fairly well. I fucked up a few times - on my own song too, surprisingly - but it otherwise went well. There weren't many people there at that time, and the PA hadn't arrived yet, but I think we did fine regardless. We also ended up giving away the last 4 demos of ours.

After school today - our last day of classes, thankfully - I went bowling with some friends. Unfortunately the league was to play 20 minutes after we arrived, so we only got up to the 7th frame. We were lucky to get charged accordingly less. After that minor dissapointment we wandered rather pointlessly around town until we reached the show. In summation, it was awful, both the crowd and the bands. There was probably no worst way I could have possibly wasted $10. And it was announced to be $7. That was potentially 2 (better) shows, 2 rented movies, or just the satisfaction of having extra cash. We were then caught between the choice of either leaving and feeling miserable about our monetary fiasco, or staying there and straining our eardrums with trite noise. We chose the latter. Luckily we found something to occupy us- pool tables. We spent an additional $3 on 3 rather long games of pool, which was actually more entertaining that I thought it would be. It took my mind off of the regret I had.

I found out tonight that tomorrow there will be a massive garage sale event going on in my neighborhood. I am looking forward to that.