June 4, 2002 6:37 PM

Well, today was the last day of my finals. No (high) school for three months. Though I'll still be occupied by summer school at the university.

So today after school I wandered town with a friend. First stop was Borders, which we got engaged in the magazine stand and various CDs available for listening. After that we got a bite to eat and wandered down to a game room that I thought had a pool table, but apparently didn't. We decided then to find this other arcade that had one, which took roughly a half hour, only to find they charge $4 an hour per person, which neither of us had or found worth the money. We opted to instead play two games of air hockey.

You know what's a great magazine? Pulse. Yes, that publication you can get at your local Tower Records for free. They actually have some good reviews on independent musicians, and are have no inhibitions about bashing those crowd-pleasing bands which are often placed on pedestals by magazines to appeal to mainstream readers. Kind of an oddity for a franchised record store.