June 13, 2002 8:23 PM

I forgot to mention that I indeed win those shoes on an auction for a wonderful $8.99 plus $5.50 for shipping. If you noticed, I did previously refrain from noting that it was on auction. I'm greedy like that. Though I actually have some reason behind my selfishness- they're not made any more, so it's an extremely rare find.

I did little productive today. I mostly sat around listening to music, picking up the guitar occasionally, and vegetating as I stared at the computer screen. I had planned to make a chocolate cake to go with my ice cream, but I discovered after 10 minutes we hadn't enough eggs.

I've been considering volunteering at the local ACLU until summer school starts because I'm so utterly bored. Might be an interesting experience.

Tomorrow I think I'll pay the downtown thrift stores a visit. Maybe I'll actually get out of my house and take my guitar down to the park and attempt to write a song or two.

I made a strawberry chocolate chip shake today. It was superfantastic.