June 14, 2002 8:20 PM

So as you probably could deduce from my last entry, I had quite a day. I recorded a demo that impressed even myself, which is a very rare occurance. Not only that, I also made some juice out of some fruits lying around in my fridge. It consisted of overripe peaches, a lemon, an orange, instant lemonade, sugar, and water blended for a few minutes. It was pulpy and kind of strange tasting, but nice anyway. I did get around to finishing that chocolate cake, and I'm actually rebaking it as I am writing this because it was still a bit wet inside. I exercised for two hours, which was invigorating. I usually don't go for that long, but for some reason I didn't feel tired even after an hour into it. So I kept on going. It gives a wonderful catharsis afterwards too. I did some yardwork into the evening that had to be done, accompanied by Modest Mouse's Moon & Antartica, every so often breaking out into my clumsy stumble I call dancing, my rake my guitar, and soaring high beyond into the dark expanse above.

As you would expect, I'm quite exhausted from doing all that, so my writing suffers. Sorry.

It's sort of interesting how my parents have reacted to me being in a band. They don't really seem to think much of it, but every so often, when my parents get into conversation with others, they bring it up. My dad asked me for two copies of our demo for some coworkers who were interested, and my mom mentioned it to her hair stylist. It's almost as if it's some kind of badge of esteem they wear with my name on it, since my mediocre grades certainly aren't grounds for bragging rights. "See here, my son isn't worthless. He's in a band. That trumps your daughter's cumme-laude status." Something like that.

I am able to attend the Pocketlites' possibly last show, even though it's for 18 and older and costs $10. A member of a band playing offered to claim me as one of the band. Isn't that great? Swell indeed.

Anyway. Tomorrow's Saturday, and my friend'll be free to do things. I am anxious and optimistic about what possible joy I will derive from it.