June 19, 2002 5:58 PM

Some additions to my slowly-growing record collection:

Jose Feliciano, 10 to 23 (includes covers of 'Lady Madonna' and 'Hey Jude')

Herb True, Are You An Amateur Or A Professional? (one of those self-motivation deals...)

Wyncote Orchestra, Theme Music From Tom Jones, Charade, and Pink Panther (dun-nuh. dun-nuh. dunnuh-dunnuh-DUHnuh-duh-nuhnuhnuuhhhh...)

P.K. & The Sound Explosion, Christmas Disco (which I unfortunately discovered did not contain the disc, but instead a battered copy of 'Alice In Wonderland')

Selma Rich Brody, A Calender Of Happy Thoughts (a children song and story record, just too amusing to pass up)

M.I.A. Chorus & Orchestra, M.I.A. Music Festival, June 1957, Salt Lake City (I believe a live recording of an orchestra from said town, the only thing which makes it special is the 'MicroGroove Unbreakable' semitransparent yellow and red vinyl)

Rosemary Hallum, Activities For Individualization (again, amusing...)

The Heritage Singers, Come Along With The Heritage Singers (an uniformed Christian decatet who sing a song titled 'He Touched Me')

Alvin, Simon, & Theodore, The Chipmunks Sing With Children (speaks for itself...)

It cost me $2.34 for all of them. Now all I need is a needle to play these.