September 19, 2002 9:11 PM

I answered the door.


I blinked.

"Hi." He spoke slowly, softly. "I'm David, what's your name?"

"Evan," I muttered, taking notice of their consipicuous name tags and straight ties.

"So, Evan, we're missionaries, and today we felt that something was telling us to go into your neighborhood...have you seen people like us before?"

I nodded.

"Good, good," he cooed. "So, do you go to church at all?"

"No, I'm atheist," I replied sternly, figuring that that response would result in the quickest end to the conversation. "For a number of years."

His vacant blue eyes stared on. "Oh...have you heard of the book of Mormon?" He pulled a blue book from his pocket.


"Oh, I see. Well, let me give you this pamphlet, so if you ever want to discuss anything you can talk to us." I opened and closed the screen door briskly, grabbing the pamphlet quickly. "Well, have a good day then."

"You too..."

Remind me to not answer the door.