February 3, 2003 7:49 AM

I had a strange dream yesterday night, possibly attributed to my fever. I walked down to a copy shop from a large center of some sort and tried to have a picture copied for this subversive art idea I had (taking an interesting image, enlarging it, and wheatpasting it on wall or window in the dead of night), but the copier was broken. So I walked back to the center, and the place was filled with people. Zach de la Rocha worked up the crowd for some reason which I can't recall, and Interpol started to play on the stage. That's all I can remember...

Something I noticed in my sickness is how absolutely loud commercial television is. If I ever have to do a science experiment, it's going to be titled "NOISE FROM THE BOX: Analysis and Juxtaposition of Commercial and Non-Commercial Television". Basically what we can do is take samples of a few commercial and non-commercial networks, and analyze their decibel levels and frequency of peaked noise. You could even take it so far as to find some stock footage of television from the last few decades and compare the results, and even try to do the same test with other countries.

Watching Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. The wonders of automated toothpaste packaging never ceases to amaze.