April 23, 2003 10:05 PM

Microphones and headphones are something of an indelible quagmire - you want to buy the one which sounds "the best", but paradoxially you won't be able to tell if it is or close-to "the best", because you won't have "the best" for comparison, and your enjoyment of your less-than "best" will likely not be compromised by the fact that they're not "the best". Such is the problem of said things.

I have plans. I have many plans. These plans don't include doing homework. Okay, maybe they do, but they're reluctant, pushy, punch-you-in-your-face-for-your-lunch-money plans. I'm going to draw a picture. I'm not sure of what, or when, or if it'll be clever and coy, but at some point I'm going to draw a picture. I'm going to make friends. I'm not sure with who yet, or how, seeing that I'm as socially adept as a camel in snowshoes (believe me, that's pretty inadept). It'll happen, though. And I'm going to marry Bjork. I'd marry Nico but she's dead. Don't feel bad, Bjork. I love you too.