May 13, 2003 8:12 PM

I take back that the Grado's are sibilant; I think they just needed to be broken in, because they sound perfect now. Also, I found if you stuck the earpads in boiling water for a short while it softens them up nicely. Some other techniques I've heard is to wash them with mild soap repeatedly, use a blowdryer, or put them through the washing machine. In any case, these are utterly comely. I can hear the hum of the guitar amp on "The Second Line" and a strange baby-like voice after the first verse of "The National Anthem". TOTALE AWESOMENESS. I find I'm listening to music just because they sound so damn gorgeous.

I've started to put tiny sticker phrases on buses. So far, "oscillate to tittilate", "you are a rotary ovary", and "alcoholics are erotic" have made their cryptic debuts.