June 2, 2003 9:55 PM

HOW DAFT. The last people I want visiting my site are mispellers and lusty fans of TLC.

Finals were hellish, and there's more to come. Thank the stars that this whole high school business is nearly over, though I feel as if I should've gotten more out of it. I still feel like an boorish, illiterate fool with too much hot air and too little fuel, and regret not being more persistent in some of my studies. I blame the irrelevancy of the classes - the sciences especially have the tendency to quickly become cold abstractions, losing sight of any semblance of a point and become consequently uninteresting - but it could be that I'm just lazy. I hope the latter's false, or college will be disastrous.

I feel motivated to start many things - a comic strip, painting, exercise, employment (well, not really, but I'm less frightened of the prospect). Now all I have to do is maintain the motivation for longer than an hour.