June 4, 2003 9:10 PM

I've been working on the 5th song of the EP and am quite smitten with how it's turning out. I'm stuck thinking it's too short, but then again I might exploit the melody too much and ruin it. I guess you'll have to tell me when it's completed, since I'm adamantly adherent to my "not-done? no-fun (this said with the hope it'll be fun)" policy.

I'm going to be so very happy when we finish this. It's frustrating to go about toiling away and have nothing to show for it. After all this I can be like "HELL YEAH I HAVE A CD" and you'll be like "DAMN BOY YOU HAVE A CD" and I'd be like "HELL YEAH" and we'd make out. Of course, a dire consequence of this mindset is I'll be absolutely devestated if many people don't like it, and people will just want to punch me instead of making out.