July 5, 2003 4:03 PM

Well, after numerous trips to meet The Duplicator (yes, all CD replication services are superheroes) and a few hours of folding, I totally finished off our EP. We settled on a alternate design for the CD, so it does have some nice printing on top of it. 100 is more than you imagine -- not that I'm worried that I have too many. I have the rest of my life to get rid of them.

#2 in world's most annoying things: lateness. More specifically, lateness for practice or similar activities. I really get flustered when someone promises to show up at a particular time and doesn't. Of course, all is forgiven quickly when they either a) arrive, or b) cancel out entirely, but during that interim of waiting I want to strangle them. I take time-promises inexplicably seriously, both when others make them and when I make them.

I got this at a health food store during a break at work. I don't buy into all the purported health benefits, but it tastes oddly nice. Asian pear and ginger, and this fancy shmancy thing called kombucha.