August 5, 2003 9:34 PM

ABSOLUTELY HORRID. I can't believe I'm missing it by two weeks.

AGGH! I miss a K Records' parking lot sale! "Office furniture, chairs, desks, phones, wires, AUDIO EQUIPMENT, HARDHATES(LIKE HARDHATS BUT HATERER), TEST TUBE HOLDERS, WEIRD BROKEN STUFF!" NO.

Though, October 5, the Microphones and Mountain Goats are playing in Anacortes. 138 miles from Olympia. Bus it is.

I hope everything tastes good in Washington.

On another note, I ordered the Bees' LP from Deep Discount and bought Ben Folds' Whatever And Ever Amen. I guess I'm making up for all my file-sharing sinnery now.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I have made up a total of two words in the last two days: 'wastery' and 'sinnery'. You too should take such liberties with the English language. If you're lucky, you'll get your own entry in the dictionary...]