August 31, 2003 5:08 PM

Being sick and without transporation is boring. I can't go out, because going out would require exercise, which isn't too smart when you're sick. Someone want to buy me a Segway? I've heard it called "the SUV of the sidewalks", which means "really good".

With this time, I've mastered nearly all of the Less Than Zero EP, which we've been sitting on for a while, dilly-dallying with design issues and such, but it should be completed very soon. I've also worked on my recordings, which I didn't near complete this week because of my sickness and general laziness/busyness. I think I'm getting better at this recording business -- I learned a lot from my first EP -- though it's strange because I don't really think of the knowledge I have as very hard to grasp or reach by your own logic, which leaves me with a sense of unaccomplishment.