October 2, 2003 4:09 PM

I was too dumb-founded to think of really anything to say to them. It took me a few hours to recover.

Classes are actually, remarkably, interesting. The books we have are things I'd read even if I didn't have credits to earn. It's been getting colder lately. I bought this esquisite London Fog coat that goes below my knees for $11 at Goodwill, but it's a bit obtrusive. I need to find warm clothes. Soon.

I've had no luck finding a job, nor do I really desire one at this point. I have an ample amount of cash, and I certainly couldn't maintain both schoolwork and a job this early in the year (we're assigned approximately a book and 2 papers -- one short, one long -- a week). My computer is due to be entirely here by the end of the week, but we've grown apart.