October 12, 2003 1:41 PM

There were sparks here and there. I caught a local show, featuring Thunder Thunder Thunder!, C.O.C.O., and, since the bus pulled my chain, the first 30 seconds of Old Time Relijun. Indie kids don't dance, they just kind of twist around and jump, carefully avoiding straight-up moshing -- pretty entertaining to watch.

I finally got around to buying a few sweaters -- dogs know I need them -- which was odd since I haven't owned one in years. I still need to find myself a scarf (!?), a snow cap (?!!) and maybe some gloves (?!?!).

If anyone is looking for a nice compact stereo system which isn't ear-shatteringly loud but sounds phenomenally good for the price, you should check out Panasonic's SC-EN5. They're boss. They're tiny. You can hook them up to your computer.

Marquee Moon. Hell yes.