November 14, 2003 4:31 PM

I have wheels to The Spill. A big thumbs up. On the other thumb, Rufus, we'll have to wait for another date. Seating in section L, row Z is just not close enough for me to visualize you naked.

Due to the pervasive problem of bed bugs in our building (no, bed bugs are not fiction, but yes, they wear nightcaps and yawn a lot) we're given the one-time, quantities-are-limited, this-coupon-has-no-monetary-value chance to break our housing contract without the usual (breaking?) fees. I may be moving out. Maybe. Hopefully.

I've been spending hours working on a Olympia music show and ride board. I've basically learned PHP since I've been spending so much time trying to modify phpBB (a free message board script) code to serve my purposes. People better make use of it when it's done or I'll sock'em in the jaw.

It's funny how I ended up using nearly everything my mom sent me, even the cheese-ball "HAWAIIIIIII" mugs (why those she chose -- we don't even own those kind -- I have no idea). When you're craving at 10 PM, carless, that's what happens.