January 15, 2004 7:10 AM

This past night I has two complete dreams. I can't remember much of the first -- I became lucid of it, slipping off some sandy cliff in the middle of what appeared to be a gigantic cavern, trying to hang onto palm trees, but, realizing it was a dream, I stopped struggling and let go.

The second opened with some celabratory occasion -- maybe 4th of July, and we (my family and I) drove to some kind of beach-park. There was a small off-shore island (I'm not sure what relation it had to the next thing, but I remember it), and I took a picture of a couple, while consciously excluding the adjacent, recently-married couple from the frame of shot. I had a sense that the recently-married were family acquaintances, as my mom was eager to see the picture I took. After looking at my shot (a digital camera, perhaps?), I realized it was a foggy picture of myself, as if taken when I was standing on the driver side of a car, the shot angled, with my decaptitated body (decapitated, as in, my head wasn't visible...not literally) visible through the front and side windows.

Somehow I ended up trying to sneak back into a building with a friend at night through a bathroom window, and left my backpack outside since it wouldn't fit (I actually felt to know what was in the backpack -- recording equipment. At least it had that same kind of importance to me.). My (former) roommate was in the bathroom too. We went out the door, since we couldn't go back through the window, and were met by a security guard, who gave me a key so I could go around the back and fetch my backpack. After navigating around large marshy puddles, and encountering a sleeping security guard (or police officer?) in his car, a conflict arose -- the other security guard began yelling, and throwing rocks at another man who suddenly appeared. Though startled, I moved on and went back to grab my backpack which was by the window, only to find that there was a massive, vaguely Brotherhood of the Wolf sort of creature -- but less twisted, and having artificial hind legs (they were colored, maybe gray and pink, and resembled legs off of an action figure), and a protruding (metal?) jaw and teeth. The dog was clearly, indentifiably one of my friend's, though mutilated with these changes. My family was suddenly present, including my grandma, and we feared the creature, though it mostly left us alone. We ended up in a room, as I explained that the dog wasn't who we thought it was anymore, and we shouldn't try to approach him. That's when I woke.

There was also something do in the course of this last dream with an abductor and a video-phone, but I can't remember the details.