January 20, 2004 7:49 AM

So I began in pile of legs and arms in my dorm bed with some man and a woman who resembled Beyonce (it could've been her, ya know, me and her are like this), smoking a cigarette with her and futilely attempting to blow the smoke into an overhanging fan. I somehow discovered an iPod for $40 (somehow my parents were caught up in this search), but realizing it actually said $90 at 0.89 a month (I don't know what that means, but it sounded like a lot). Some other electronics were being sold, exchanged, and fixed at this bowling alley. My mission was to locate Beyonce-doppleganger (how'd she get lost, I don't know) around and induct her into some Internet society (some gal told me her email address). It was raining quite hard, the shopping center I was walking about in flooding, and somehow ended up vicariously viewing a sort of hold-up in a car for important documents through another man, who shot the document-man through his documents 4 times. The assailant opened the suitcase, finding it had to do with some kind of innane society (I could read it, it in fact, contrary to what Waking Life told you), but he discovers the blood, bulletholes, and dreams of the man contained within the documents, consequential of his shooting him in the head. Some weird voice-over happened, talking about the "Haunted Zone" (who knew my subconsciousness had a sardonic sense of humor?) and the man was turned into a squishy Scrubbing-Bubbles jellyfish. He was left in the ocean, forced to find his way home. He encountered other jellyfish of gigantic porportions, and sandcrabs, and fish. At least one fish could talk. There were sea-cities. All this and I never saw Finding Nemo.

Oh yeah and I know her. Her too. Pretty funny.

And parrrr-tehhhhh!!!