January 20, 2004 10:44 PM

The three single most useful things in a dorm:

1. A computer. Actually most useful thing in life. Telephone, telephone directory, dictionary, thesaurus, guitar tuner, encyclopedia, 24-track studio and rack of effects and synths, photo shop, the-everything store, mailbox, diary, notepad, typewriter, arcade, television, ghettoblaster, plus more yeah.

2. A Thermos cup. Hot drinks, cold drinks, warm drinks, cool drinks -- it does it all!

3. Double-sided mounting tape. The greatest adhesive product ever concieved. This stuff will hold up everything you throw at it.

Honorable mentions: Immersion heater; an outletted metal prong that you stick in your cup and boils water. Clampy lamps; you can put them everwhere.

So now you know all and all you gotta do is the school-work no-prob!