March 9, 2004 6:10 PM

So the decision has to be made between Illustrations of Character and Algebra and Algorithms tomorrow, 8 AM. Any thoughts? Both have decent faculty (at least as far as I can discern), and they both intrigue me. I've looked over the books for Algebra and Algorithms and they seem promising and quite different from what I'm used to. I have practically no experience with mathematical thinking, outside of rudimentary programming. Contrarily, I have no difficulty submitting my ideas to "rigorous analytical scrutiny", as Illustrations mandates. Argumentative writing is what I do. I fear boredom, from both, because when I'm bored HULK SMASH I don't care, and that means I don't do the work. But really, I'm not sure what I want...less papers? I don't know.

I got my tickets for San Francisco. The Greyhound station was kind of sleazy, I hope that's no indication of the quality of my busride.