March 13, 2004 9:58 PM

I'm glad that I'm not spending the majority of break in my dorm. I can already tell that it would hurt.

Why does 400 ASA film cost 3 dollars more than 200 ASA? I'm just going to use 200 at 400, thank you.

I am actually going to reread one of the books from class, because I found it so fascinating (Orality and Literacy, Walter Ong). What will I do next, rewrite my papers-no.

This makes me want to go to Russia.

Buying candy at vending machines 10 at night is almost as college-kid as pizza. So today I must be doubly college-kid.

I ran into Pierce, a kid (a real kid, he's what, 15?) who's from the same high school as I. He's apparently quite immersed in his studies of mathematics, and aspires to be, as he describes, a theoretical mathematician, game designer (to pay the bills), or philosopher (a hobby). He has a charming drive. But I can't help but feeling a bit sad for the fact that he's losing something in going through college while he's still so young...half the thrill of college is the independence. Don't ask me what the other half is, I don't know.