January 1, 2005 9:35 AM

Alayna looked pale and freckled, much like she did 4 years ago but with black hair. I talked to her in computer center, using a computer and talking about how much faster this computer than her "a Mac and dial-up". I told her about school, how my first program involved "literature, and the difference between oral and written language", although I never found out what she was doing. She agreed that we should keep in touch, but for a few moments I lost her. I tried to memorize her screen name and email address on the screen. Looking through her wallet, I found numerous IDs, and a moving photo of Chase and a few others playing a drumset. I told myself to remember her full name. Nate called me and asked if I could play bass for a band that was "kind of funky", but I told him I didn't have a way to get downtown. She laid down on her side beside me. She had mysteriously lost all her clothes. We agreed we should meet up, and I told her I'd be leaving early the next morning, but she still though it was viable that we meet up that morning anyway. She mentioned that Billie Joe Armstrong liked it "two in the back, and one in the front," and this was posted to a floating internet message board in front of me, complete with responses. She also asked if there was any money to be made in selling computers, and I assured her there was. Behind the floating message board were shelves holding picture frames, a few with something to the effect of "Inspired by Evan Hashi" engraved into their tan wooden backings. It seems that Alayna had made them. At some point Chris had gone to a movie and told me about how it was being reshown later or elsewhere.