January 6, 2005 8:18 AM

I had suddenly decided to smoke, and took two hits. "You did it wrong," he laughed. I didn't feel much different. Ikaika wondered why the pot was so good, only to discover that it was laced with coke, after some mokes tried to coerce him into selling it. I had a sense that he possessed scientific eyes, and had tragically failed in recognizing the tainted pot. Someone mentioned they "stopped at booze." Kalei and a few others sat around drinking. I went driving with my dad around a town, finding a scenic spot upon a hill looking down on the ocean, and switching places. On the way to town I saw Leigh Ann on her bike. I was back in a town like Kailua walking to go swimming at a pool that Ikaika was in charge of, and ran into Emily. She said something about sharks and how we didn't have to worry about them, and I made some snide remark.