January 28, 2005 8:08 AM

I was looking for Kalei downtown, and ran into Sean and David. I excused myself and ditched my bike for a short while to look around the parking lot, only to run back and find my bike being biked by Lindsey. I stopped her and told her that was mine, and she gave it back, somehow not surprised. I looked down from the top of a building, and I saw Kalei. I waved down to her at her truck, now gray instead of black. She was wearing a rash guard. Her cell phone number didn't work, as I tried to call her. She just came up the stairs instead. We decided to go the beach, and I thought I didn't have any shorts, but somehow I had board shorts on. Later I called her and talked to her briefly, stopped short because I hadn't gone to her school, or for some similarly strange reason. Her voice mail box had some option of pressing '8' to connect to some company that she was presumably working for.