February 6, 2005 12:21 PM

I went to the co-op with Jamie, and possibly Jon, and bought some cheese breadsticks and "VEGN CROUTONS", confused at first by the label partially hidden from my view, and wondered how they could be vegan. I bought a fruit slushie for $7.00 of an unspecified flavor. The man told me the flavors, but I couldn't hear him above the noise. What an expensive slushie, I thought, and I saw the other Evan get a refill. I asked him if we were allowed to get refills. He said no. "I've never been able to get away with that before," he said. After some strange encounters on buses, I ended up at a cafeteria with a few indiscernable friends. Alayna was there, looking a bit distraught, sweating a little, filling her cup with iced coffee from a machine. I wondered why she still wore Buddy Holly glasses and dressed the way she did when she was a surfer now. On the ground I found two fifty-dollar bills, and a check for $50 from my uncle. I was really excited about the bills, but then realized they looked strange -- on the bottom left corner of one of them the numeral was a '2' rather than a '50', and the upper left numeral was a '1'. I showed them to my friends, dissapointed, noting that they were fakes. They had turned into cheaply photocopied fifty-dollar bills, and suddenly had gotten much larger. We were eating pepperoni pizza, and the subject of shows came up. "I hate how all the shows are downtown," Alyana said. There was something said about how we should get pizza, in the midst of eating pizza, and Alayna said something about being at a show somewhere from 9 to 11, looking at me as if she was suggesting something. We got up and left in a hurry, me hastily stuffing the crust of a slice of pizza in my mouth.