February 26, 2005 1:38 PM

I was going to have one more track, but forget it. Here they are:

1. Smile
2. No-name
3. Mike Love
4. Uhh (No Feeling)
5. In The Clouds
6. For Memoirs
7. Saturday

It was a long time coming, and most of these tracks, if not all, are floating around in some form or another anyway. When I accrue the funds, real copies will be available. For now, download as you please. However, do me a favor and refer your friends to your own mirror, because I only have a 5 gig transfer, which will dissapear quickly if everyone downloads every track.

OK, nevermind, tell whomever you like, you don't need to mirror it. It's only 17.9 megs for the entire thing. Hopefully I don't cause my host trouble.