June 15, 2005 7:28 PM

Screenprinting was only a partial success today. I managed to get the design copied onto a transparency, but for the ridiculous price of $1.08. I'm buying a pack of 100 transparencies for $18.00. It turns out the emulsion I applied yesterday evening had already set, and I had to clean the screens and re-emulsify them. The designs came out great after they set, but I had trouble actually printing them. I was using a piece of plastic instead of an actual squeegee to apply the paint -- the frames are tiny, only 3"x5", and my squeegee's 9" -- and it didn't really work, coming out blotty and incomplete, so now I need to drop $6 for a 3" squeegee. The set screens also started to develop pinholes after I tried to wash them, so next time I'll have to wait longer before using them, maybe even apply the emulsion twice. A learning experience, eh, but once I get this down, I'm going to kill.